Tesla Adds 1,656 New Jobs amid Rapid Growth Aspirations


Tesla Ads 1,656 New Jobs amid Rapid Growth AspirationsIf you browse Tesla’s website under career opportunities, you will notice that the electric car maker posted hundreds of new job entries for various departments such as the Production, Finance, Engineering, Service, and IT for both its core businesses.

Just the R&D and G&A departments do not need personnel.

The company announced that more than 1,600 job openings would be readily available earlier this week. The decision to quick hire so many staffers may come as a surprise since Tesla hemorrhaged nearly $1.9 billion since 2007.

But the move matches the auto maker’s rapid growth aspirations which call for more workers as models have diversified and there are plans to build the largest battery plant on the planet and expand the energy-storage business worldwide.

Plus, founder and CEO Elon Musk pledged that the company’s cash flow would become positive in early 2016. Some analysts are also confident that the business will be able to fulfill its rapid growth aspirations while also quenching investors’ thirst for profits.

But Tesla was on a rapid growth trend ever since launching its IPO. The auto maker’s workforce expanded 15-fold since 2010 to over 14,000 employees. Nevertheless, in 2010, the electric car maker was able to sell only one unit, in the U.S. Currently, its offer includes two models of electric cars and a line of stationary battery systems for households, companies, and utilities.

Still, Tesla is far from GM’s 216,000 workers who joined forces to put on the market ten separate brands of cars and a telematics unit.

Rapid expansion of workforce is common to fast-growing companies, experts said. Earlier this year, the automotive company announced that it plans to sell 50,000 electric cars by the end of the year, with the bulk of them in the last quarter.

In October, CEO Musk said that Tesla was focused on electrification and autonomy. All cars delivered after 2014 have cameras, sensors, and a radar system which help them change lanes automatically or make suggestions for cruise control.

In November, Musk tweeted that he planned to gather a team to develop a fully automated car. Mr. Musk was especially interested in passionate software engineers and announced that he would personally handle candidates’ interviews.
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