Tips From the Pros: How to Use Content to Drive Real Results



Content writing has come to the point when it’s either a goldmine or time spent in vain.

Most of the marketers out there are not aware of the actionable outputs of well written content and the possibilities they facilitate in terms of business results.

However mature a niche is, there are some hacks to publishing actionable content that brings measurable results in terms of marketing efforts.

Become a Reference, Fill Information Gaps

Being authoritative and referenced across the web as a credible source of information requires a consistent strategy for brand reputation management.

Jeff Bullas, for instance, is one of the world’s most influential marketer strategists. Being ranked #11 on the top 50 most retweeted people isn’t something you build in a day.

However, at a closer look over his blog, it doesn’t take much to notice the consistent effort over time, because of all the accomplishments over the years, as shown in the screenshot below.

Jeff Bullas - Blog Accomplishments
Jeff Bullas

An information gap is a construct, a theory or an idea that the audience believes should be informed on, but doesn’t seem to be explained quite extensively. Rather, the reader feels like the information comes in bits and pieces, like an underlying premise of any discussion that derives from the matter.

Take Brian Dean’s article on Google’s 200 Ranking Factors. While everybody is talking about the ranking processes on the web, nobody has ever actually sat down to document and explain them all.

This is part of the reason why the article had more than 7,000 tweets. The other half of the reason is Backlinko’s strategy to constantly update its content (if you pay attention to the “last update” feature below).

Backlinko - Google Ranking Factors

Psychological data weigh a lot in the process of credibility attribution. This circumstance makes it possible to become a long-term reliable source, as long as you deliver the same quality over time. It requires consistent addressing of the very core of an informational need you’ve identified as being crucial in the overall understanding of a phenomenon in your industry.

For the strategy to work, the information will have to be relevant and systematized, while offering an in-depth perspective on the topic. Content fatigue isn’t just a problem of the spoiled audience, and preventing its effects takes careful planning.

Take: Once you’ve proven yourself as a trusty, authentic go-to blog, your leads and email subscription rates can dramatically increase.

Expand on Cross Platform Multimedia

One year ago, there were 46 million U.S. people listening to podcasts (at least) on a monthly basis. Meanwhile, the market has developed in this direction, but the supremacy is yet to be established. It isn’t easy to have over 12 percent of the population listening to a podcast, because not only does it improve your chance to make yourself heard, but you will also have a top position.

Become a Podcast Guest. Think of your audience and someone else’s in your industry as the two intersected circles of a Venn diagram. While the better part of the circles are intersected, there is always a specific difference in your audience, which means there is room for trading.

Unless it’s the very same service as yours, you can both contribute to this target trading with the attention of your competitive-advantage-driven audience.

Leverage Partnerships With Peers in Other Industries. Now imagine the two circles having no elements in common, but a sum of underlying conditions, which make the cross-audiencing compatible. A partnership with somebody in other industry increases awareness, and commonly built podcasts (as well as collaborations, in general) are believed to be more complete because of the complementary professional experiences of the hosts (authors).

Gael Breton is a regular podcaster on a page called Authority Hacker. He has around 400 followers, which is a great start. However, featuring Rand Fishkin, a known figure of the SEO world has brought him a number of plays more than three times bigger than the number of subscribers.

Gael Breton - Authority Hacks Podcast

TakeOut: Done properly, podcasts generate increased visibility, as well as a higher awareness on an industry level.

Content Targeting Longtail Keywords Engages Audience

Let’s make it clear, micro-targeting paints a big picture. The more you invest in targeting the right long tail keywords, the bigger a shot you have at accessing a key audience interested in a specific topic. Choosing topics for content writing should always be the result of a targeting process. Once you do this, the chances to grow a solid audience with an increase intent in your business are sizable.

You can grow your brand by consistently publishing longtail keywords based content. Addressing specific niches increases the search traffic you’ll get on your site and, due to the higher intent, the business overall as well.

There is, of course, a strategy proven to work as a fit wrap of this type of content. It’s the bucket-brigade strategy, it implies a phrase construction with a continuously ascending wording, always on the verge of divulging something relevant. The strategy lowers bounce rate and is proven to be effective for top professionals.

Brian Dean is using it, while also writing about it, and it seems to be working wonders, as his bounce rate is quite small and the average time spend by readers on his blog is more than four minutes, as he declares on the same blog post.

Backlinko - Bucket Brigade

TakeOut: Combined with the longtail targeting, content can massively improve engagement rates and consolidate the existing audience on your website.

Add Social Media Visuals

Sometimes it’s necessary to lure the readers into clicking. Unlike scrolling, which comes naturally, clicking is a choice. Propriety on social media comes from a combination of factors, among which: choosing the right platform and time to expose your content and framing it in a creative, intriguing manner.

Scrolling is a continuation; clicking is a decision quote from Josh Porter

And when it comes to engage on a processing level, visual aids have proven to be cognitive wonders. Content that’s accompanied by relevant images gets 94 percent more traffic compared to not being presented with relevant photos.

TakeOut: Visual aids help both information processing and brand recognition, which makes them an important asset of a content marketer. They can improve clickthrough rates and traffic, and, assuming the other criteria of quality content are followed, conversions as well.


While there’s no recipe for success, there are some scenarios more statistically likely than others. A constant care for content approach, framing and presentation means makes it easier to build a consistent reputation based on long time investment.

Done responsibly, content marketing can get your efforts to a whole new level of awareness and sales.


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