WhatsApp Has Now Reached 1 Billion Active Monthly Users



whatsappWhatsApp has now reached 1 billion active monthly users. After more than seven years, this texting service currently records 40 billion messages, over 1.5 billion images and 200 million video clips sent every day.

The company’s officials are extremely pleased of this landmark and they are honored by the outstanding ways in which all their clients have utilized WhatsApp, according to the press statement released in a short article.

The application, now offered in more than 50 languages, is used to share news during tragic events and other emergency situations, to find a partner, develop small companies and just to keep in touch with users’ loved ones.

In Sept, the company’s representatives declared that the platform had surpassed 900 million users per month. After just five months, the service had tallied up other 100 million monthly members and now it is among the top visited websites at a global level, next to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Right now, WhatsApp’s specialists have to work even harder, there are still 6 billion potential users that could use the application, so there are many steps until they can reach this ultimate goal, the organization said.

When the giant Facebook purchased WhatsApp back in 2014, Mark Zuckerberg declared that the application was interesting because it already was trying to gather 1 billion members and any website that covers that landmark is incredibly useful for the social network’s global goals.

Facebook reached its 1 billion milestone in the autumn of 2012 and, in August 2015, it reported another first: 1 billion individuals accessed Facebook in only one day. However, this WhatsApp landmark comes only after it got rid of its yearly fee.

After 12 months of free text messaging, people were instantly billed 99 cents, which is a small cost to pay for immediate online interaction. But numerous WhatsApp customers do not have a bankcard number, so they were concerned that they would lose access to chatting with their loved ones, the company affirmed lately.

Because if this, over a couple of months, the messaging platform will eliminate charges from the various editions of it application and WhatsApp would no longer impose a fee for its services, according to a statement.

In the meantime, Gmail also gathered 1 billion active members per month, as Google’s representatives declared in their recent income call, as media reports. This decade-old email system topped 900 million users back in May 2015. Also, Alphabet has surpassed Apple as the most valuable organization after a smashing quarter powered by the increase of its online advertising business.

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